We each barely glimpse each other.

Living – as I do – in a sliver of space, I rarely appreciate the stories drawn on the faces of the people around me, even on those within my own social circle. Stories abbreviated, exaggerated, or suppressed. I base reality on my personal experiences and upon those shared by the people within my tiny circle. See yourself in these portraits. Then ask yourself: Who is the person that they portray?

The theme of this body of work is:

I am not the only one.

Digital portraits on acrylic

I use a variety of print materials. I also include transparent media. This is to suppress two-dimensional divisions and to encourage the viewer to see their own reflections alongside and within the other faces. To see all the faces as one face. A cluster portrait, a portrait of you.

Broaden your glimpse, widen this social circle of “me” and “us.” We are not the only ones.


I am not the only one.

 I use Adobe Illustrator, Sketch and Photoshop as drawing and painting tools. These digital images can be printed on many materials. I am currently experimenting with plastic, papers and aluminum.

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